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$199 Train All Summer

This summer, let your child develop the real self-confidence that comes with learning martial arts at Tiger Rock! A university study found that students, parents, and even schoolteachers could see a noticeable difference in self esteem after only a few months of our TaeKwonDo class. This summer you can train all summer for $199 (includes uniform pants, training shirt, and belt)

Our Starter Package includes 3 Tiger-Rock Classes, uniform pants, training shirt, and belt! All for $38

Our Starter Plus Package includes the Starter Package plus the Full Formal Uniform for $79

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Learn, grow and succeed

Robert & Sharon Dickson have been teaching martial arts for over 20 years. They are 6th  and Sr. 5th degree black belts and their innovative, one-on-one style of training emphasizes what the students do right so that each can truly achieve their potential. “We set out to help both young and old alike to grow; in character, strength and discipline.”

Kids Programs Ages 4-10

We offer TWO programs for kids that develop respect and discipline. The Tiger Cubs (ages 4-5) and Junior’s (ages 6-10). Both groups not only learn the physical skill fundamentals of taekwondo, they also learn strength, agility, self-esteem and confidence.

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Teens Program Ages 11-15

Our Teens program incorporates taekwondo with leadership skillbuilding, physical fitness and self-defense. Our training will help teens improve their focus in a positive environment that can be demanding, but fun.

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Adults Program Ages 16+

Students that are 16 years old and older will enjoy our amazing Adult program that is sure to keep students physically fit, sharp, and ready for whatever life throws their way. And if you are a parent of a student with us, you can join for free (that’s right…free). So don’t wait any longer; get fit, de-stress and sigh up today!

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Fitness & Defense Ages 16+

Improve flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, focus and self-defense with Tiger Rock Martial Arts! Take advantage of our flexible schedule that offers classes to fit your busy lifestyle — daytime, evening and weekend classes ensure you can train and achieve your goals! The Fitness & Defense program is open to everyone 16 and older.

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